12 News preps for Reeves, Waller showdown in final run-off debate: Meet the GOP candidates


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- In the months and final days leading up to the Mississippi GOP Gubernatorial Primary Election, two men have diligently campaigned, vying for the republican vote, in order to fight democrats for the state’s top leadership role as governor, in a runoff election.

On Wednesday, they debate one another a final time, live, at WJTV 12 in the state’s capital.

In weeks past, 12 News correspondents accompanied the candidates, retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. and Miss. Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, on their day-long campaign trails across the state.

On our journey’s, we learn more about the men and what they say they’ll do for the people of Mississippi, amid failing education, economy, and infrastructure, among other concerns.

Before their big night, we recap Reeves’ and Waller’s campaign trails and statements on policy, beliefs and plans.

Reeves has remained adamant about no tax increases, especially not on gas for infrastructure improvement- an idea his opponent Waller feels is necessary for repairs.

Reeves emphasized his desire for job creation by bringing new businesses into the state and changes within schools; repeatedly expressing he was confident he was the man for the job, mainly because of his years of experience and being the gubernatorial incumbent.

Waller Jr. says he has always been a “strong defender of the rule of law” and that he “consistently worked to reshape the court in a conservative direction, helped end lawsuit abuse and sought to repair the state’s judicial reputation to foster an attractive environment for economic growth.” 

Waller’s campaign slogan says “Problem solving, instead of petty politics- Public service, instead of self-interest.”

Watch the videos above, for a look inside their campaign trails and tune-in Wednesday night for the highly-anticipated half-hour debate among the two.

The debate is at the WJTV-TV 12 (CBS) station in Jackson, but will also air on WHLT-TV (CBS), WFNA-TV (CW) and WBRL-CD (CW) as well as the Nexstar station serving the Memphis, TN market, in addition to select broadcast partners WMDN-TV (CBS), WCBI-TV (CBS), WXXV-TV (FOX/NBC) and SuperTalk Radio, which covers all 82 counties of the Magnolia State.

Viewers may also watch on live-stream, by visiting their local Nexstar station’s website.

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