15-year-old from Terry heading to national equestrian championship


Dayonna Stamps is known around her town as the girl that can ride a horse.

Alicia Stamps said, “The community of Terry loves her, everybody just loves her. We can’t go anywhere without someone stopping and either trying to take pictures with her are talking to her.”

The fifteen year old starting riding in competitions at nine. Dayonna said her interest started at the tender age of three.

“My dad put me on a horse and I fell off and I started crying and got back on. My dad was like ‘I got me one’ I was like yeah so I’ve been riding ever since then,” said Stamps.

Riding a horse is a lot like life, when you get up to speed, don’t look back.

Dayonna hopes her performance Tuesday at the American Quarter Horse Association Level One Championship in Oklahoma will lead her straight to the World Title.

Stamps said, ”  Its not going to be perfect everytime. You are not going to have a perfect barrel, you may knock one down or have a slow time. I have been doing good and i have been doing good in the past but as far as coming towards my journey its been long hard and stressful, but its just been a journey.”

A journey that has lead Dayonna to win a bushel of medals in recognition for an outstanding performance in barrel racing. Those close to Dayonna say her determination is her strongest suit.

Deron Stamps said “Shes a self motivator. She gone go. She gone go and get it herself. I just remind her, you know. Hey. Things are gonna happen. Every barrell race is not gonna be perfect. Its not gonna be perfect. But go do what you gotta do. Do what you know how to do and handle your business and she just goes from there.”

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