Non-profit wants federal investigation into Mississippi prisons


A non-profit organization is demanding a federal investigation into prison in Mississippi.

The president of FAMM wrote the federal government. After hearing from families, advocates, and those incarcerated, Kevin Ring believes it was time to get involved. He says conditions are unsafe at Parchman.

Video obtained by the Washington D.C. based organization appears to show flooding at Parchman.

“A few months ago, we received some correspondence from people inside the prison and outside taking about the conditions and some of the folks inside sent us video and letters and pictures showing us the conditions,” said Ring.

In the letter, Ring claims there’s evidence of unsafe conditions, violence, weapons, and understaffing.

He believes the feds need to look into Parchman and other prisons to see if they are living up to constitutional standards, if not, order improvements, just like the justice department did in Alabama.

“Their report because of the violence, the sexual assaults, the substandard living conditions, those things together rose to a constitutional violation, and Alabama was likely to have measures to correct its prisons,” said Ring.

He says Alabama prisons have seen similar issues to Mississippi prisons and that’s another reason that pushed him to fight.

“We want people to come out better than they are, not brutalized, tortured or starved.” said Ring.

Rings says he hasn’t heard back from the U.S. Justice Department about the investigation request or the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Mississippi, but said the letter was just sent on May 24.

We too reached out to both recipients of the letter. They had no comment. The Mississippi Department of Corrections didn’t have a comment either.

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