A spa experience through technology


It’s the newest way to ‘get away from it all’ while still in the four square walls of your home or office.

CBS Correspondent Joy Benedicts shows us how.

Unplugging from the phone and other technology can help people relax. But now plugging into a fully immersive experience may be a new way to get away from it all.

Lauren Felton is getting ready to go on a trip, no packing required. Virtual reality is taking her to a digital oasis while a massage chair relaxes her body, “just like that space in my mind to have my own thoughts and not have my kids saying mommy, mommy mommy for, you know, 20 minutes,” Felton says.

Micah Jackson is the creator of a new digital spa in Los Angeles called Esqapes. He originally made the VR environments to help him cope with his high-pressure job in corporate design, but soon Micah saw a business opportunity. Micah says he’s, “made ten escape environments that are unique only to this location.” Destinations include a tropical retreat or a beach at sunset. Customers can even visit Morocco at twilight.

It’s a completely immersive experience that tests all the senses. There are fans, heat lamps, and even aromatherapy all timed to the computer program. Felton said, “I could see the wind flowing through the trees and then I could feel the breeze going across my body.”

Virtual reality relaxation is also growing online. There are plenty of apps including one called Guided Meditation VR that allows users to plug in at home. These apps provide sights and sounds but not the full immersive experience like Esqapes.

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