Abnormally dry conditions create difficult environment for farmers to work with


Abnormally dry conditions create difficult environment for farmers to work with (Photo: Kate Cornell/WJTV)

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Even though a drought is in full effect in Warren County, locals said dry weather was never even on their radar after all the flooding earlier this year.

Counties across Mississippi are suffering from a moderate drought. In parts of The Delta – it’s adding insult to injury.

 Tommy Beasley has lived in Eagle Lake for decades. He said ironically the drought has no impact on farmers – that’s because they had nothing to work within the first place.

Flooding from the Mississippi River – and backwater flooding wiped out crops around the region —  now all that land has dried up.  

Beasley blamed a pump  project that never got started.

“I blame the government for not puttin’ in and finishing the pumps in like everywhere you see,” Beasley said. “It’s still about structure. The corps did everything they did drained it all down to one spot and then said ‘oops! we’re gonna quit.'”

Tyler Ellis visits Eagle lake often for work and to see relatives, and said from what he’s seen it’ll be nearly impossible for farmers to go about their business this year. 

“I’m not a farmer but I know what they can’t do,” Ellis said. “They can’t make a harvest this year and the drought isn’t affecting it because nothin’ was planted anyway.”

Ellis and Beasley agree that they hope if and when this happens again, the first time around will have been a learning experience.

Ellis explained that weather plays no role in the farmers of warren county’s misfortunate during the hot months of 2019, it was solely the flooding.

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