Adams County man relieved as the Mississippi river begins to crest


ADAMS COUNTY, Miss.– Many continue to watch the Mississippi river Saturday as it begins to crest in Natchez and Adams county.

WJTV’s Lucy Dieckhaus spoke with one man who says he’s relieved to hear the waters will start to go down.

“Needs to go.. Needs to go quick,”said Bourke.

It’s more difficult for Paul Bourke and his family to run errands because first they have to trudge through threatening flood waters.

“It’s just an inconvenience. Especially when you have a wife and three kids trying to get groceries in and out,” said Bourke.

He says he feels shut off from everyday services.

“Ambulance aint coming that fire trucks aren’t coming through the water. Matter fact, I had to go run him down because he was trying to back out all the way to the end of the gravel road. He didn’t even want to deliver us a package, and the water then was only about 2 inches deep,” said Bourke.

But we checked with emergency services and despite the flooding, they said they would respond. Regardless, the water is still a problem.

He estimates the water is now about a foot and a half deep on the nearby road.

Before the rising waters pushed his brother out temporarily– they did this to protect his home.

“I think we ended up filling 88 bags to circle his house and then laid down 3 sheets of visqueen and put the bags then wrapped the bags to stop the water from going under,”  said Bourke.

On Bourke road the water stood about 56 and a half feet but in 2011 he says it was about 61 feet.

“And five feet doesn’t sound like a lot but when it starts pushing and encroaching your house,”  said Bourke.

The waters overflowed so much five years ago, He says he wouldn’t even be able to stand where he was today.

“Where we are at right now was totally under probably 12 foot of water all the way to the crown of their house. We were driving boats all through here,”  said Bourke.

He says if the water stacked up just two more feet. He would have to boat to and from his house.

“Yeah, 56.5 is a blessing for a lot of people,” said Bourke.

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