Adams County sheriff signs ripped from yards, destroyed


The race for Adams County sheriff may be going dirty.
The current sheriff and candidate is out replacing campaign signs that were stolen and destroyed.

Sheriff Travis Patten says the person who did it is using voter intimidation tactics, telling people if they don’t get rid of the signs they’ll get arrested.

Sheriff Travis Patten has been out retrieving some of his campaign signs from bayous and ditches.
He says dozens of signs have been taken from areas including Roselawn, Sagefield and the Duncan Park.

“I’ve been told who it was and has come from a certain camp and I know that for sure, and again I’m not calling names because that’s not what this campaign should be about,” said incumbent sheriff Travis Patten.

He says these tactics won’t help any candidate win.

“The sheriff’s race doesn’t need to been known for that, and our community is better than that,” said Patten. “So condoned behavior becomes acceptable behavior in the Patten Sheriff Camp we are absolutely not condoning or accepting that and I will challenge my fellow candidates to do the same “

He says taking the signs is also a crime. You could be charged with trespassing and larceny.

We reached out to the four other candidates in the race. We heard back from Tom Grennell who has two signs missing but said he’s running a clean campaign.
Adam Kirk said on Facebook he’s heard a lot about campaign signs being taken or destroyed and that it’s counterproductive.

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