After the flood: Experts teach mold cleaning and other tasks


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- As flooding increases, along with it’s dangers, a seminar was held at Hinds Community College Saturday to teach people about handling flood-related issues. 

Professionals from around the state gathered at the school in Vicksburg to discuss the aftermath of flooding and a an issue of particular importance was cleaning your home.

Damage left behind is often damp and humid areas which make ideal places for mold to grow.

If you find yourself having to clean mold from your home, always wear protective gear like gloves, a face mask and safety goggles. 

Sandy Havard, with MSU Extension, said “this is very important that they learn to properly clean up after a flood just because there is a lot of mold and contaminated stuff hanging around.”

“We just felt like the average person really just didn’t know how to properly clean up so we thought we could give them some [help].”

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