AG Lynn Fitch refuses to answer questions about certain decisions she makes in public office


JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – Mississippi’s Attorney General Lynn Fitch says she will not respond to questions about certain cases.

In an emailed statement her office said:

“As a general rule, General Fitch intends to refrain from seeking media coverage on individual prosecutions in an effort to de-sensationalize this very serious process for the individuals involved. We are happy to respond to specific questions to the extent that it is possible and permissible. “

Fitch’s office recently dropped a case against Canyon Boykin, a white former police officer who was accused of killing Ricky Ball who is black.

The Attorney General said there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Boykin in Ball’s death.

The lead prosecutor who worked under the case under former Attorney General Jim Hood disputes that decision. According to Stanley Alexander, a grand jury said there was enough evidence.

“I don’t have a comment regarding her dropping the case. I was surprised that the case was dropped and that obviously if the grand jury indicted the case, they felt that there was sufficient evidence to go forward,” said Alexander.

Fitch’s office has repeatedly declined media request for interviews on various topics instead sometimes offering statements.

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