Animals rescued from awful conditions in Jackson


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– Animal control finds almost two dozen animals in deplorable conditions at a Jackson home. ​​

The man who kept the animals died then animal control got the call to get the animals out.
It was so filthy inside the home, that advocates say animal control wore hazmat suits.​
They say the dogs were living in squalor with hair so matted it’s painful. ​

It will take more than a haircut to get these dogs back on the road to recovery. ​

“They are covered in swarms and swarms of fleas, matted with fecal matter that weighs ​
several pounds,” said Elizabeth Jackson, the founder of Animal Rescue Fund. “They got eye issues. They got health issues. Some of them are missing teeth. A lot of ​them need to have some teeth removed.”​

Animal control brought the dogs, primarily Shih Tzus , to ARF. A neighbor took a horse, and Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter is taking care of about three cats. ​

“We received a call from animal control,” said Jackson. “They had gotten a phone call that someone had died, and there​ were animals in the house and someone had went and they were appalled at just how bad it was.”​

ARF says every female dog appears to have had puppies. ​

​”When you breed for profit dogs, it end up like this. We are very particular where our ​
dogs go once they get vetted up and healthy so they don’t end up in situation like this,” said Jackson. ​

The organization is cleaning up the dogs and expects them to survive, but it will take thousands of dollars to get the dogs healthy. ​

Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter says they are taking the cats to the vet on Wednesday for baths, assessments and vaccinations.
Both Jackson Friends and ARF say they were not told the address of the home.
We reached out to animal control to find out more details, but we haven’t heard back yet.

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