OXFORD, Miss. (WJTV) – At the NCAA Oxford Regionals where Southern Miss and Ole Miss represented Mississippi, 12 News Gary Burton represented his home state of Arkansas by wearing a Razorback hat.

His mission was to see how many fan could he get to chant “Woo Pig Sooie” for his Razorbacks. A risky task in Hotty Toddy town but he was up for the challenge.

At first, Gary has confidence walking into Swayze Field but that didn’t last long as he received multiple rejections to his question, “Can I get a Woo Pig?”

Some fans were nicer than others. 

One Ole Miss fan said she has “been walking around welcoming Southern Miss and Florida State to Ole Miss,” but told Gary he wasn’t welcomed with his Razorback hat on.

So he tried a Florida State fan and they said no as well.

One man traveled all the way from California and he’s technically isn’t an Ole Miss fan although he rooted for them because he’s a family friend of a rebel player. Gary thought for sure he’d be able to get a Woo Pig out of him. But, he couldn’t.

But in the end, Gary came out successful and that’s only because he found a fellow Arkansan that was disguised in Ole Miss attire. 

So in the end, Gary received a total of one Woo Pig Sooie.