As Scott County Deputies search for wanted man, a woman feels they violated her own rights


FOREST, Miss. (WJTV) – The Scott County Sheriff Department is on the search tonight for a wanted man convicted of possession of drugs and a firearm in Forest.

But in the middle of their investigation, one family may have been caught up in the situation and is accusing the department of overstepping their rights by searching their property.

25-year-old Kevonate M. Ficklin of Newton, MS is wanted by Scott County authorities after he failed to comply with court policies and his probation after pleading guilty to possession of marijuana and a firearm.

“We know that he had been charged in the past with two prior shootings,” Sheriff Mike Lee said. “He was charged by the Forest Police Department, placed in drug court for violations and obviously did not fulfill his responsibility to drug court. Everybody was on high alert.”

Before noon Sheriff Lee says he received a call from a concerned resident about a vehicle matching one the suspect drives that was on seventh Ave. A black four-door Chrysler 300. All officers and deputies responded.

“Lady from next door told them to get away from the vehicle,” Sheriff Lee added. “Not understanding what was going on they went to talk to her. She became very belligerent, they were never even given the chance to run the tag before she told them they had no business looking at the car. When someone does that it brings up red flags.”

That woman, Mary Hawkins who’s lived at the property off seventh Ave. for over forty years described a different encounter with deputies.

“He came up here and said is he in this house? I said who? He said somebody name Bodeek, I said I don’t even know him, no he’s not in my house,” Hawkins told us. “He said well I’m going to go in there and see but I said sir you don’t go in my house like that. My granddaughter is in there taking a shower, you don’t need to go while she’s in there.”

By having a warrant for the suspect, Sheriff Lee told us it gave his deputies authority to enter Hawkins home with probable cause to search for the suspect.

“One there’s a car in close proximity and two there’s someone that is not willing to tell us yes or no outside and is causing somewhat of a scene over simple questions if someone is there,” Sheriff Lee said. “Securing the house is not a search of the house.”

“I haven’t seen a search warrant, they haven’t given me anything,” Hawkins argued. “They didn’t show me or say nothing about a search warrant.”

Deputies found no one in Hawkins home and once they did run the license plate they learned the car with plates from Lauderdale County belonged to her son and his friend. Who park there every day.

“Chrysler is parked right here at my mom’s house or it’s across the street at my sister’s house,” Hawkins son Fred Moore said. “There’s no way that the police don’t know that my car.”

If you know anything on the whereabouts of Kevonate M. Ficklin you’re urged to call Scott County Sheriff Office or Forest Police.


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