At least 22 Millsaps College students registered to vote didn’t appear in county poll books


JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – The department of government and politics at Millsaps College is demanding answers from the Hinds County Election Commission after nearly two dozen students registered to vote were missing from the poll books. This number could soon rise

Under federal law college students can use their campus dorm address to register to vote and here at Millsaps College, the alma mater of governor-elect Tate Reeves over 200 students are registered but hit some unexpected obstacles Tuesday.

Less than a couple of years from stepping into the real world the Majors of Millsaps stressed the importance to vote after all their ancestors went through.

“Them looking down on us saying what did I fight for,” Millsaps Sophomore Areial Thomas said. “Why did I fight for this if you’re not going to take advantage of what I did for then was what I did in vain.”

But for those who did make their way to the polls, some hit some unexpected bumps when their names didn’t show up in the poll books.

“You go there and they say oh you’re not registered to vote,” Millsaps voter Mariah Hall said. “And it happened to a couple of people that I know and I know that they registered. And they just left.”

According to faculty who head the school’s groups to get the campus registered this happened to 22 students on Election Day and that number could grow.

“About 10 of these people we’ve already cross-checked them with the clerk’s office,” Professor Nathan Shrader explained. “They are on the role and they should have been allowed to cast a regular ballot. We’re trying to get a number so we can track how many names were on the roll and left without voting at all.”

How the Mississippi voting process works is people must register with the county Circuit Clerks office, then once approved their names go in poll books managed by the Election Commission at precincts.

“From everything we can tell everything was done the right way with the Hinds County Circuit Clerk in terms of getting the registrations,” Dr. Shrader told us. “Approving them, and getting them logged. There was a mistake somewhere else along the line preparing the poll book we just don’t know what that mistake was.”

Many students not in the books were able to fill out affidavits to cast their votes which still count after reviewed by the Election Commissioner. The Hinds County Democratic Party tells us this problem can be caused by glitches between the primary runoffs and general elections when transferring names.

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