Baby shot in Leake County during an argument


Men argue, shot hits baby sitting in his car seat

According to the Leake County Sheriff’s Department, a baby was shot during an argument between two men on Saturday.

Authorities say they have only been able to obtain an interview from one of the two men involved in the incident. That interview indicated the men were arguing outside a home on Waggoner Road. One man went inside his house and returned with a .12 gauge shotgun. He told deputies he shot into the car where he thought his intended victim was located. Instead, the slug hit a one-year-old child sitting in his car seat. The bullet went through the baby’s hip and came out the other side of his leg.

The other man, took out a pistol and returned fire hitting the first shooter in the hip. That person then left the scene.

Daniel Uriah Momon (25) is charged with aggravated assault. He was taken to UMMC and treated and released. He was arrested and remains in the custody of the Leake County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Greg Waggoner says the name of the other shooter is not being released until they can obtain an interview from him. He is related to the injured child who was identified as Jamaryan Johnson-Walker (1). The baby was also taken to UMMC and is in stable condition.

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