JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Central Mississippi Health Service Clinic (CMHS) gave away everything from backpacks to vaccines to help parents prepare for the beginning of school.

While new school supplies are much needed before the school year, physicians say getting your check-up and vaccines are just as important.

“It’s very important. Most parents wait for the last minute, but then they start calling weeks before school starts. Some start next Friday. It’s vert important to get out, try to get it early so you won’t have to wait until the last minute. Also, for folks that can’t come out through the week, Saturday clinics like this help a lot for the parents that work,” said Sharon Ivory, CMHS Clinical Director.

Financial literacy and mental healthcare groups also let people know where they can go for help in their community.

“It’s perfectly okay to not be okay. Don’t hold it in. Just talk to someone because it’s absolutely normal. No one is immune to not being okay,” said Chinnika Crisler, a clinical social worker.

Volunteers also gave away backpacks of school supplies, and they couldn’t have been more happy to do it.

“We currently have bookbags for the giveaway that we’re doing here at our clinic. It has school supplies, pencils, books, paper and information about each event that’s been around here in the area,” said Lleyton Carter.

“Jackson is faced with some crisis right now. When you got people putting things together to bring people out on a Saturday to extend some love and some gratitude, that means a lot,” said Howard Sanders.

Sanders said the clinic is planning on holding another giveaway next year.