JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – On Tuesday, the Board of Trustees of Jackson Public Schools (JPS) approved the district’s plans for implementing after-school programming to meet the needs of students in grades K-12.

Leaders said all schools will have equitable access to high-quality, free after-school programs for scholars. Starting in September, district-based after-school programs will be open at 26 sites to meet the needs of scholars at all grade levels. The offerings will include STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) enrichment, intramural sports, and ACT Prep, as well as tutoring in reading and math.

“I’m excited to launch these after-school experiences,” said Dr. Errick L. Greene, Superintendent. “We made a commitment to JPS scholars and families that we would provide equitable access to high-quality out-of-school experience in our strategic plan, and today we’re proud to deliver on that promise. These robust and engaging programs will further the important work that we’re doing to transform teaching and learning in the classroom. I hope that our families will take advantage of these amazing opportunities.”

Bus transportation and meals will be provided for all participating JPS scholars. The hours of the district-based after-school program are as follows:

  • Elementary – 2:45-5:45 p.m.
  • Middle – 3:30-6:00 p.m.
  • High – 4:15-6:15 p.m.

The program will run Tuesday through Thursday each week. District-Based programs will require face coverings for all scholars and follow the Student Code of Conduct and Handbook guidelines.

Paper applications will be available at schools and online as a download by August 18. Families should return completed applications to their child’s home school by August 30. Schools will notify parents of their enrollment status by September 6. Programs will begin on September 14.

Afterschool Providers

Mississippi Children’s MuseumThe Mississippi Children’s Museum Program will serve elementary students in the Jackson Public School District by providing literacy, STEAM, homework assistance, and social emotional support with lessons curated for COVID-19 related distress.
Greater Jackson Arts CouncilThe Greater Jackson Arts Council will provide targeted academic and enrichment programming focused on improving literacy outcomes by infusing arts for elementary students. The program will provide arts programing through interactive, cultural, and social justice experiences that speak to multiple learning styles.
Jackson Medical Mall FoundationThea Jackson Medical Mall Foundation Young Futurists Project is an inter-generational youth-based innovation hub that builds youth as innovators. Students enrolled in the program will participate in programming focused on addressing the social determinants of health and will be immersed in the following activities: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM): artificial intelligence, coding, and virtual reality; visual and performing arts; culinary arts; drug and violence prevention; trauma informed care/behavioral health; well-being; strategic foresight/futurism; financial literacy, and career exploration.
AMIABLE ProductionsAMIABLE Productions will provide Theatre and Film Arts and Culture afterschool enrichment programs and activities for high school students in the Jackson Public School District. Students will learn the basic and intermediate trades of the film and theatre profession from noted film, theatre, and entertainment professionals. Each day students will engage in activities to increase their knowledge of the film, theatre, and entertainment industry and culture awareness.
Sylvan Learning CenterSylvan Learning Center will provide high school students access to their proprietary ACT Prep course to ensure all college-bound students have equal access to quality support as they prepare to embark on their post-high school journey.Sylvan Learning Center will provide elementary and middle school students with their EDGE STEM program to build a spark and interest in STEM that can lead to future STEM leaders and success in 21st Century careers.  Students will learn coding and computer science in collaborative groups with peers of the same age and skill level. Sylvan Edge enhances students’ performance in STEM subjects at school and does more than assist in the acquisition of academic competencies. Sylvan Edge gets and keeps students excited about learning through fun and hands-on activities.
Sports Paradise Fitness & FundamentalsSports Paradise will provide a wrap-around approach to elementary and middle school student development that includes, mental health, physical activity through athletic programming that will have a long-term physical and mental health and wellness impact of the children in Jackson Public School District. Students will learn the fundamentals of various athletics offerings.
Parents for Public Schools of JacksonParents for Public Schools of Jackson will sponsor a program called Ask for More Arts to elementary students. This program will provide enrichment opportunities for students through the arts.  The program will engage local artists and arts organizations to use the arts across the curriculum as a vehicle for improving academic outcomes for students.  Students will be placed in an Art Track during the after-school program. The following tracks exist: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Arts by the Book, Cultural Awareness, and Back to the Basics Arts. Each track will enrich the lives of children through increased exposure to the arts.
Global GatewaysGlobal Gateways will provide elementary students in Jackson Public School District with Spanish language and culture after-school enrichment programs and activities. Each day students will participate in engaging activities that help them to learn or improve their Spanish language and cultural competency skills. Experienced Spanish-speaking teachers will guide students in their adventure to learning and/or improving their language acquisition skills.
Corporation for Global Community DevelopmentThe Corporation for Global Community Development will provide Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Programming for elementary students. Students will engage in extensive programming to build their skills in computer coding and computer science. Students will not only receive STEAM programming, but homework help accelerate their learning.

After-School Programs

The complete list of programs is detailed below showing schools served, program offerings, capacity by school served, providers, and locations. The list is segmented by feeder pattern.

SchoolAfterschool ProgramNo. of StudentsVendorLocation
Bates ElementaryLanguage Immersion-Spanish25Global GatewaysTimberlawn Elementary
Oak Forest ElementaryLanguage Immersion-Spanish25Global GatewaysTimberlawn Elementary
Timberlawn ElementaryLanguage Immersion-Spanish25Global GatewaysTimberlawn Elementary
Van Winkle ElementaryLanguage Immersion-Spanish25Global GatewaysTimberlawn Elementary
All Elementary Schools (50)Health, Fitness, Sports200Sports ParadiseTimberlawn Elementary
Cardozo MiddleSTEM25Sylvan LearningCardozo Middle
Cardozo MiddleHealth, Fitness, Sports100Sports ParadiseCardozo Middle
Forest Hill HighACT Prep25Sylvan LearningForest Hill High
Forest Hill HighTheatre and Performing Arts25Amiable ProductionsForest Hill High
Baker ElementaryLanguage Immersion- Spanish25Global GatewaysBaker Elementary
Obama Magnet ElementaryLanguage Immersion- Spanish25Global GatewaysBaker Elementary
Isable ElementaryLanguage Immersion- Spanish25Global GatewaysBaker Elementary
Shirley ElementaryLanguage Immersion- Spanish25Global GatewaysBaker Elementary
All Elementary Schools (50)Health, Fitness, Sports200Sports ParadiseBaker Elementary
Northwest Middle SchoolHealth, Fitness, Sports100Sports ParadiseNorthwest Middle
Northwest Middle SchoolSTEM25Sylvan LearningNorthwest Middle
Jim Hill High SchoolHealth Sciences35Jackson Medical MallJim Hill High
Jim Hill High SchoolACT Prep25Sylvan LearningJim Hill High
Clausell ElementaryArts (3rd-5th25Jackson Arts CouncilRaines Elementary
Lake ElementaryArts (3rd-5th)25Jackson Arts CouncilRaines Elementary
Pecan Park ElementaryArts (3rd-5th)25Jackson Arts CouncilRaines Elementary
Raines ElementaryArts (3rd-5th)25Jackson Arts CouncilRaines Elementary
All Elementary Schools (50)Health, Fitness, Sports200Sports ParadiseRaines Elementary
Blackburn MiddleHealth, Fitness, Sports100Sports ParadiseBlackburn Middle
Blackburn MiddleSTEM25Sylvan LearningBlackburn Middle
Provine HighACT Prep25Sylvan LearningProvine High
Provine HighTheatre & Performing Arts25Amiable ProductionsProvine High
Key ElementarySTEAM20Corporation for GCDLester Elementary
Lester ElementarySTEAM20Corporation for GCDLester Elementary
Marshall ElementarySTEAM20Corporation for GCDLester Elementary
Sykes ElementarySTEAM20Corporation for GCDLester Elementary
Wilkins ElementarySTEAM20Corporation for GCDLester Elementary
All Elementary Schools (40)Health, Fitness, Sports200Sports ParadiseLester Elementary
PeeplesSTEM25Sylvan LearningPeeples Middle
PeeplesTheatre & Performing Arts12Amiable ProductionsPeeples Middle
PeeplesHealth, Fitness, Sports50Sports ParadiseWhitten Middle
WhittenHealth, Fitness, Sports50Sports ParadiseWhitten Middle
WhittenSTEM25Sylvan LearningWhitten Middle
WhittenTheatre & Performing Arts12Amiable ProductionsPeeples Middle
Wingfield High SchoolACT Prep25Sylvan LearningWingfield High
Wingfield High SchoolTheatre & Performing Arts25Amiable ProductionsWingfield High
Dawson ElementaryVisual and Performing Arts30Parents for Public SchoolsJohnson Elementary
Galloway ElementaryAfterschool Activities75Operation ShoestringOperation Shoestring
Johnson ElementaryVisual and Performing Arts30Parents for Public SchoolsJohnson Elementary
Smith ElementaryVisual and Performing Arts30Parents for Public SchoolsJohnson Elementary
Walton ElementaryAfterschool Activities75Operation ShoestringOperation Shoestring
All Elementary Schools (40)Health, Fitness, Sports200Sports ParadiseJohnson Elementary
Brinkley MiddleHealth, Fitness, Sports100Sports ParadiseBrinkley Middle
Brinkley MiddleSTEM25Sylvan LearningBrinkley Middle
Brinkley MiddleHealth Sciences35Jackson Medical MallBrinkley Middle
Lanier HighACT Prep25Sylvan LearningLanier High
Lanier HighHealth Sciences35Jackson Medical MallLanier High
Boyd ElementaryMS Children’s Museum25MS Children’s MuseumMS Children’s Museum
Casey ElementaryMS Children’s Museum25MS Children’s MuseumMS Children’s Museum
McLeod ElementarySTEM25Sylvan LearningSpann Elementary
McWillie ElementarySTEM25Sylvan LearningSpann Elementary
Wells APAC ElementarySTEM25Sylvan LearningSpann Elementary
Spann ElementarySTEM25Sylvan LearningSpann Elementary
All Elementary Schools (30)Health, Fitness, Sports200Sports ParadiseSpann Elementary
Bailey APACSTEM25Sylvan LearningBailey APAC Middle
Bailey APACHealth, Fitness, Sports50Sports ParadiseChastain Middle
Chastain Middle SchoolHealth, Fitness, Sports50Sports ParadiseChastain Middle
Chastain Middle SchoolSTEM25Sylvan LearningChastain Middle
Murrah High SchoolHealth Sciences35Jackson Medical MallMurrah High
Murrah High SchoolACT Prep25Sylvan LearningMurrah High
Green ElementarySTEM25Sylvan LearningGreen Elementary
North Jackson ElementarySTEM25Sylvan LearningGreen Elementary
John Hopkins ElementarySTEM25Sylvan LearningGreen Elementary
All Elementary Schools (65)Health, Fitness, Sports200Sports ParadiseGreen Elementary
Kirksey MiddleHealth, Fitness, Sports100Sports ParadiseKirksey Middle
Kirksey MiddleSTEM25Sylvan LearningKirksey Middle
Powell MiddleHealth, Fitness, Sports50Sports ParadisePowell Middle
Powell MiddleSTEM25Sylvan LearningPowell Middle
Callaway HighACT PREP25Sylvan LearningCallaway High
Callaway HighTheatre & Performing Arts25AMIABLE
Callaway High

Afterschool Sites

The 26 afterschool sites include 24 JPS schools along with Operation Shoestring and the Mississippi Children’s Museum:

  1. Bailey APAC Middle
  2. Baker Elementary
  3. Blackburn Middle
  4. Brinkley Middle
  5. Callaway High
  6. Cardozo Middle
  7. Chastain Middle
  8. Forest Hill
  9. Green Elementary
  10. Jim Hill High
  11. Johnson Elementary
  12. Kirksey Middle
  13. Lanier High
  14. Lester Elementary
  15. Mississippi Children’s Museum
  16. Murrah High
  17. Northwest Middle
  18. Operation Shoestring
  19. Peeples Middle
  20. Powell Middle
  21. Provine High
  22. Raines Elementary
  23. Spann Elementary
  24. Timberlawn Elementary
  25. Whitten Middle
  26. Wingfield High