Waste Management offers green, safety tips as schools resume

Back to School

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Leaders with Waste Management offered green tips for parents and students as they head back to school.

  • Reduce the trash created by disposable bags, sandwich bags and foil by packing lunches in washable, reusable lunchboxes, bags and containers.
  • Keep in mind that whole fruits and vegetables as snacks are healthier and better for the environment than packaged snacks.
  • Instead of purchasing individually wrapped snack-sized packages, buy the larger size and pack snacks in reusable containers to save money and the environment.
  • When buying new supplies, consider paper and notebooks made from recycled paper as these eco-friendly supply options are available at many large retailers.

Leaders are also encouraging drivers to be safe around Waste Management trucks in school zones.

  • Keep a safe distance from the truck – at least 15 feet. Never climb on the truck.
  • Vehicles like Waste Management trucks make frequent stops and often back-up, so don’t follow the truck closely while walking, running, biking or skating. Stay alert and listen for the back-up alarm with “beep-beep-beep” sounds.
  • There are several areas where the visibility is restricted for the driver. If you cannot see the driver’s eyes, they most likely cannot see you.
  • It takes service vehicles about twice as long to stop as a passenger car. Always keep a safe distance from a truck.
  • Every Waste Management truck is equipped with a back-up alarm. If you hear this sound or see the white back-up lights, be sure to move out of the way of the truck.

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