The “Be My Eyes” phone application is helping blind and low-vision people with another set of eyes.

The app is helped run by nearly 2.6 million volunteers, who offer their services to over 140,000 users.

Alexander Hauerslev Jense, CCO of Be My Eyes, explained the app launched in 2015 as way for people with low-vision people, like him, to gain independence.

“He identified that having to call friends and family over FaceTime or Skype… it’s not being truly independent because you always have to decide who to bug… or which relationships to rely on.”

WJTV 12’s Lanaya Lewis spoke with two users in Jackson, one who’s totally blind, and another who suffers from low-vision.

Barbara Hadnott said she primarily uses the app for work and home life. “You can use this app at work. You can use this app in your home… if you’re out as a pedestrian walking the streets… if you need help with street signs.”

As for Katrina Howard-Reeves, she uses the app for things like matching clothes and accessories. She shared one laughable moment, “One of my friends came to pick me up, we were going to eat… she was like ‘Lord what do you have on?’ Cause he’s [my son] was looking at it and it looked fine to him, so I get the app and ask ‘what color is this? Does this match my shirt?”

Both Reeves and Hadnott suggest those who also suffer from vision impairment should think about downloading the app.

Hadnott expressed she was skeptical at first, but she’s found it to be a great everyday use.

“You don’t have to worry about calling in too much, that you’re bothering someone. Usually the callers are very glad. They’re happy when someone calls.” 

Be My Eyes also has partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Goggle and even Clear Blue.

If you would like to volunteer, download the app or just learn more about Be My Eyes, click here.