Beto: Trump administration is attacking immigrants ‘specifically Hispanics’


Beto visits Canton on the heels of ICE raids

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’rourke says he was motivated to visit Mississippi after he saw the cries from an 11-year-old girl 12 News first reported on.

The girl’s father was rounded up in the ICE raids.

Magdalena Gomez Gregorio,11, pleaded to be reunited with her dad.

“Government please put in your heart , let my parent be free,” she said.

Just down the street from a chick factory where one of the raids to place O’rourke said, “I seen the video of a girl who has just had her father taken from her , we talk to people in the community but I wanted to come see it for my self.”

Six hundred eighty undocumented immigrants were detained at various food processing plants Beto says the community is hurting.

“All of these people working some of the toughest jobs that we have in America who’ve committed no crimes pose no threats,” the Texas Democrat said. “Are not doing anything to hurt or harm this country and we’ve absolutely terrorized them — this administration has terrorized them.”

He visited with a local Hispanic store owner and talked with those impacted by the ICE raids.

O’Rourke went after President Donald Trump — accusing him of attacking Hispanics.

“When I heard about what had happened in Mississippi it was another dot that we’ve got to connect for the American people,” he said. “That massacre in El Paso did not happen in a vacuum this raid did not happen in a vacuum, there is an attack on immigrants and specifically Hispanics in this country right now under this administration.”

O’rourke adds the community of Canton and others are being held in isolation because of the president.

“He’s terrifying this community– people who have done nothing to anybody else pose no threats to america so there’s no other reason to raid this community other than to terrify this community and that’s exactly what they’ve done,” he said

O’rourke says he will not fund raise off of his visit to Mississippi.

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