Bob Hickingbottom announces candidacy for governor


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Attorney General Jim Hood and Lt. Governor Tate Reeves aren’t the only candidates running for governor in 2019. 

There are two other candidates, including Independent David Singletary and Bob Hickingbottom representing the Constitution Party.

Thursday, Hickingbottom formally announced his candidacy outside of the Two Mississippi Museums.

He unveiled his campaign plans as he unloaded against Democrat nominee Jim Hood, Tate Reeves, and the Republican party.

“Democrats have put us in our hip pocket and the Republicans have written us off,” Hickingbottom said. 

Hickingbottom describes himself as a political operative.

He made the race a central part of his announcement as he endorsed all-black statewide candidates. 

He also laid out policy proposals like expanded Medicaid but didn’t say how he would pay for it. 

“I hadn’t quite figured out how we’re going to pay for it but I can assure you one thing we have to have a revenue enhancement it’s going to save our rural hospitals,” he said. 

One healthcare proposal included having nurses and doctors, who are currently behind bars, practice medicine for minimum wage until their sentences are over.

For infrastructure, Hickingbottom says a fair way to fix it is a gas tax but he says Mississippi needs help from the federal government.

“This problem is so massive for one of a better term we’re going to have to get the federal government to come in here this is going to have to be like the marshall plan or something,” he said. 

For education, Hickingbottom wants to match vocational and technical training with industry and give teachers a raise. 

“I want to make certain that our first responders our law enforcement people and our teachers I want their salaries brought up to the southeastern average I hope the lottery will do it but I don’t think so,” said Hickingbottom. 

The general election is November 5th. 

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