Body found in Hinds County believed to be missing Canton man: Coroner


Hinds County Investigators are on the scene where a body was discovered behind a vacant home on Jones Loop near Terry, Ms.

According to major Pete Luke, they have not positively identified the body.

Madison County Sheriff’s Officials and Hinds County Coroner, Sharon Grisham Stewart are on the scene as well.

  23-year-old Christopher ‘Austen’ Slay

The Hinds County Coroner says the body is believed to be Christopher Austen Slay.

Friends and family of 23 year old Christopher Slay of canton are saying it’s his body which was found at a rural property off Jones Loop Rd. They hope this discovery will lead to justice. 

Going from a quiet country community to a highly active crime scene, deputies and the Hinds County Coroner surrounded the deserted home when the body was discovered in the late hours of the morning. 

“We had skeletal remains found on the property here Wednesday morning,” Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham Stewart stated. “We have reason to believe this is the individual missing from the Canton area. His identity will have to be confirmed scientifically, no obvious signs of trauma or injury.”

Slay was last seen in the south Jackson area driving a four door white Hyundai Sonata found abandon off McCluer road. After weeks of searching they finally got a tip. 

“We had an anonymous call come in that basically kind of explained what happened and where he may be found,” Tristen Pike said. “Which was a pink abandon house with a shed in the front yard in Terry. We gave that information to the police and they followed up on it.”

Slay’s friends say despite dealing with multiple agencies, there are still several questions to be answered and they are frustrated with how some treated the case. 

“JPD is the sorriest police department in Mississippi,” Pike continued. “They have mishandled they have mishandled this situation for over 20 days, they wanted to call this a missing person there’s been foul play.”

“JPD didn’t want it from the get go, they didn’t do their job from the get go,” Kaitlyn Pike said. “And they have done nothing but hurt his family even more.” 

We reached out to Jackson Police who stated they did assist in searching the area where the vehicle was abandoned, but found no new evidence or signs of foul play. They say the case was always under Canton Police jurisdiction. 

As for neighbors who unnoticeably drove by and walked just outside the yard for days where a dead body was laying, life in the community may never be the same. 

“I tell you this they won’t catch me out here walking no more,” Jones Loop resident Joyce Jackson told us. “Because stuff like that I don’t know about nobody else but it gives me a scare. I just have thoughts in my mind who could have did this.”

The investigation is ongoing. The Hinds County Coroner is doing an autopsy to find cause of death and the investigation is ongoing.

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