Bone conduction implant helps Jackson girl hear better


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jocelyn DeZutter is a typical 11-year-old girl, but for much of her life, she’s struggled with her hearing.

Beth King, who is an audiologist, said, “She was born with a condition where she doesn’t have outer or, outer ears or ear canals. And so this bone-implant helps her hear a lot better.”

The implant is a state of the art bone conduction implant. It’s under Jocelyn’s scalp, allowing sound to travel directly to her inner ear. It’s a major improvement over what she had been using.

King said, “She was wearing this headband so tight behind the ear that that’s actually what was breaking the skin down.”

Jocelyn’s journey to Jackson started in rural China. She was in foster care when her mom, Stacy Dezutter, adopted Jocelyn at age three.

The procedure in June went smoothly, and Jocelyn’s new device was activated on the anniversary of her adoption.

King said, “The moment that we put on the processor she was immediately hearing better. You wouldn’t even know that she had a hearing loss.”

Jocelyn is among a handful in the state of Mississippi to undergo the procedure.

DeZutter said, “We’re just so fortunate because we have so many supports. I mean honestly, you might think Jackson Mississippi but it’s the greatest place to raise a child with hearing impairment.”

 The bone conduction implant has been available in the United States for almost two years, according to health officials. 


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