Boys & Girls Club of Central Mississippi adjusts to new normal


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Boys & Girls Club of Central Mississippi has been operating under different guidelines in order to keep kids safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is normally a hands-on environment, the after-school care center has changed it’s usual day-to-day plans and created new ways to meet their children’s needs.

Penny Ainsworth, CEO of Boys & Girls Club of Central Mississippi, said it’s a reality that has forced them all to re-think and it has also made them come up with innovative methods in order to carry out their usual duties.

“Once everything kind of shifted in March, the world kind of shutdown a little bit, we immediately went into feeding our young people. Our first train of thought was ‘School is out and now my babies won’t be able to have breakfast and lunch.'”

With feeding about 1,000 kids for dinner, the new task at hand was to figure out how to feed them and to also continue challenging their minds intellectually.

“With school being out, we had to shift quickly to make sure we’re serving their minds, bodies, and souls. Then, we went to virtual programming to make sure our kids were receiving The Boys & Girls Club academia programming and making sure that some type of healthy lifestyle was continuing to be followed for our young people,” said Ainsworth.

Ainsworth said continued support from community is what is needed most.

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