Brandon neighbors impacted by severe weather


BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) – Severe storm caused damage to parts of Brandon impacting several neighbors, including one family who is left to rebuild much of what was their home.

A mangled mess on Habour Place in Brandon, the strong storm took down trees, roadways and power lines.

“It sounds like a tornado come over.”

One Brandon neighborhood is still taking in the scene when they woke up to it Saturday morning.

“I can’t really believe about all of this really.”

The strong winds uprooted trees, caving into mobile homes. Another family whose home was impacted by the weather didn’t want to talk on camera, but said they are okay and that this is the first extensive damage to their home from a severe storm.

“I couldn’t imagine going through that.”

Clean up is now underway for this community that took the brunt of the powerful winds.

“The lights went out. Everything went out—tv. We couldn’t see anything,” said Carolyn Collins.

“Around here is not normal for stuff like that. You’re usually just known for maybe a few bad winds,said Jesse James.

Neighbor Christy Renfroe is among those helping pick up the pieces, helping Harbor Place community rebuild.

“Later on when we talked to the homeowners, they said that was when it just happened. They heard the boom and ran out— they’re safe. Everybody is safe. They’re at a hotel and we’re just trying to help out however we could,” said Renfroe.

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