Thieves use backhoe to break into Jackson convenience store


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson police are working to find the thieves who used a backhoe to break into a convenience store.

The incident happened Thursday morning at the Southland Convenience Store on Medgar Evers Boulevard. The owner said the break in happened around 5:00 a.m.

Surveillance video showed the two suspects breaking the glass with the backhoe, but they had to pry the metal cage off by hand. The owner said the alarm may have spooked them. However when police didn’t arrive, the two went back into the store and took lottery tickets, cigarettes and other items.

The owner believes the crime could have been committed by the same person who broke into the QuickZone gas station on Medgar Evers Boulevard a few weeks ago.

He said he owns several businesses around Jackson. Due to the store being in a high risk area, the owner said insurance won’t cover the cost of repairs, which will cost between $5,000 and $10,000.

Jackson police have not released any additional information at this time.

The backhoe belonged to the construction company Simmons Erosion Control, Inc., which is working on Medgar Evers Boulevard. The company released the following statement.

First, Simmons Erosion Control, Inc. is proud to be partnering with the City of Jackson to rebuild Medgar Evers Boulevard.  Since the beginning of this Project, the Citizens of Jackson and the surrounding businesses have been patient and cooperative as we work together to rebuild Medgar Evers Boulevard.  Unfortunately, an unknown criminal has decided to violate the City of Jackson and Simmons Erosion Control, Inc. by stealing equipment being used to construct the Project and using such equipment for criminal activity.  Specifically, Simmons Erosion Control, Inc.’s equipment has now been stolen on two separate occasions and used to break-in businesses located on Medgar Evers Boulevard.  Such criminal activity is indeed unfortunate and will not be tolerated by Simmons Erosion Control, Inc.  Simmons intends to thoroughly investigate the theft of its equipment and do everything in its power to bring the person responsible for this illegal activity to justice.  Simmons will fully cooperate with the City of Jackson Police Department in this investigation.  In the interim, Simmons will continue to follow all reasonably recommended precautions to hopefully prevent any further theft and unauthorized use of its equipment.  Simmons will not allow the illegal activities of an unknown criminal to prevent Simmons from working with the City of Jackson and its citizens to complete this important Project. 

Simmons Erosion Control, Inc.

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