Breaking down President Biden’s first day Executive Orders


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – On his first day in office President Joe Biden waisted no time issuing a number of executive orders, some directly targeting policies by the Trump Administration.

From immigration to climate change, and of course fighting the Coronavirus. The 46th president’s signature made 15 executive orders official for his first policy moves as commander in chief. Some completely reversing controversial orders under President Trump.

“They are important but we’re going to need legislation for a lot of the things we’re going to do,” President Biden said in the oval office.

Some of the first addressed the federal response to the Coronavirus. Biden is bringing back an Obama-era pandemic team under the National Security Council to coordinate the federal government’s response with vaccines, testing, and PPE.

Masks are also required on all federal properties, and the U.S is rejoining the World Health Organization. Payments on student loans have been paused until Sep. 30. Plus, evictions through March 31.

“Social distancing is kept on Federal Property and interstate commerce, etc.,” President Biden continued.

More big ones, reform immigration policies like halting construction and diverting funds to the Southern Border Wall. Ending travel and immigration bans from 11 predominantly Muslim countries.

Plus defending the Dreamers Act to stay in place, keeping almost 1 million adults who were brought here illegally as young children to get permanent status and paths to citizenship.

“Biden seems to hope to send the message of unity,” Political Law Professor Matthew Steffy of Mississippi College told us. “That we don’t have to be characterized as such a high-pitched strike. People can disagree honorably and get back to the important agreements at hand.”

We’re also seeing the first steps to address climate change under the Biden presidency with the Keystone Pipeline Project in North Dakota being prohibited. The United States will also rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.

Other new ones include stopping president Trump’s 1776 Commission. A panel made by President Trump as a rebuttal to schools applying accurate history around slavery and other social issues in the U.S. Plus, all executive appointees must sign an ethics pledge to uphold independence in the Department of Justice.

The orders also reform how ICE practices interior immigration enforcement and domestic policy analyze federal money going to communities of color. For a more in-depth look at each order click here.

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