Brett Favre Honors Alma Mater with Hall of Fame Plaque


Kiln, Miss. (WHLT) — Becoming a hometown hero starts with a place. For Brett Favre, that place is Hancock High School.

“I’m proud of where I’m from, I’m proud of where I played and I wouldn’t change that for anything,” says Favre, fresh off his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction earlier this month.

Of course, Favre has long been the native son of Kiln, Miss. dating back to his years with the Green Bay Packers. But now No. 4 returns a Hall of Famer, never having forgotten where he came from.

“I’ve never lost sight of where I’m from, and to come back in this fashion where you’re representing Hancock and they’re receiving their due, as they should,” says Favre. “Because without Hancock we’re not having this conversation right now, so it’s pretty neat.”

As a token of his gratitude, Favre is honoring his alma mater with a plaque that could have been up in Canton, Ohio with his Hall of Fame bust. Instead, it will be on permanent display for generations to come — all 45 pounds of its bronze glory.

“Just sharing such an awesome moment in my life, to share that with Hancock is pretty special,” says Favre.

This way, a piece of his Hall of Fame enshrinement will always reside in his old stomping grounds. Now if only the ol’ gunslinger could find that Gold Jacket.”

“I’m not sure where it is, I think it’s at the cleaners,” says Favre. “There was a lot of sweating going on in that Gold Jacket. In fact, they wanted me to wear it here and I’m like you’re absolutely crazy. Canton was a lot cooler, they thought it was hot. And they don’t know hot. So, I’m comfortable just like this.”

Tuesday’s presentation was part of the Hometown Hall of Famers program, put on by Ford Motor Company and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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