BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (WJTV) – Eugene Thompson of Brookhaven was a father, son, brother, businessman and friend. He was known as a staple among the community from owning a barber shop to being a role model to his children and teaching aspiring barbers.

Just days ago, Eugene became the latest Mississippian to pass away from the novel coronavirus. Now, the family is pleading for everyone to follow safety recommendations.

“Our last memory of him is getting on the ambulance. We weren’t able to say goodbye, he was alone my brother was all by himself,” said Dedra Edwards, Eugene’s sister.

Eugene tested positive for COVID-19 on March 22 and immediately followed the guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; however, two days days later he was bound to a hospital bed fighting to stay alive.

“He couldn’t get up and walk to the car, not walk around the house cause he couldn’t do that anyway. At 12:22 p.m. the nurse practitioner in the ICU at St. Domenic called me and said his heart stopped and we couldn’t revive him,” expressed Dedra.

Eugene died just 6 days after turning 46.  

His daughter, Monique Thompson, said though she didn’t get a chance to say good bye he will always be her best friend.

Ultimately, the family wants to relay one simple message– to take this virus serious.

“Everybody before you go outside, or before you decide to go to your friends house make sure before you make that decision you know going outside that door could very well kill you, your children, or your parents,” said Dedra.