Budget cuts affect drug addiction rehab programs


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – State budget cuts mean fewer options for people in Mississippi battling addiction, there are still services, but it will cost you.

A program at the state hospital will be eliminated because of those cuts.

Some who fought addiction and won will be honored but they didn’t do it alone, and now that one of the options paid for by the state is ending, the fight against addiction falls largely on the shoulders of private rehab centers.

Harbor House is a private rehab center in Jackson.

They made this dashboard based on the people that come in for screenings.

It’s used to better understand who the patients are, and many of the patients are parents whose children often become the victims of drug abuse without using drugs themselves.

Now with millions in cuts to state programs, private rehab centers are concerned for abusers seeking help.

“Sixty-four percent of our patients are unemployed, so not only do we have to have a treatment plan that addresses their substance abuse issues, but address their long-term needs,” said Trost Friedler ,the Executive Director of the Harbor House Chemical Dependency Services. “We were one of the first providers of the drug court and we’ve had many clients graduate through the drug court system over the years.”

At the graduation ceremony, eight people who have struggled with drug addiction and are now drug-free will be honored as part of the Hinds Circuit Drug Court graduation ceremony.

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