Building of third landfill in Madison County could violate state law


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – In less than 12 hours Madison County neighbors will learn if they’ll have a third landfill built in the county.

There has been tremendous push back both by those who live in the cities and in the county.

From poor road conditions leading to the dumping area, air pollution, and even people’s health possibly being at risk are all some of the main arguments against another landfill going up in Ridgeland.

Off North County Line Rd. in the west part of Ridgeland in Madison County sits the Little Dixie Landfill operated by Republic Services. Right down the road NCL wants a to build a new waste facility.

“The county has recognized the need, the state recognizes that there’s a need in the Jackson Metro area,” NCL attorney John Brunini told us back on Dec. 10th. “Everybody wants there trash picked up and pay a reasonable price for that to happen.”

“We’ve already got two of these here and they’re are only 19 in the state of Mississippi,” Ridgeland Alderman D.I Smith said. “That means that there are 64 counties that don’t have any.”

NCL Waste company has argued Little Dixie only has about 18-20 years of service life left before the ground can’t take anymore trash. However others point to the Canton Sanitary Landfill saying it is able to pick up the dump traffic.

“Landfill at Canton has about 80 years of remaining life when it is expanded,” Alderman Smith continued. “And we just don’t need it.”

Adding the NCL Landfill would double the dump truck traffic down a back road already in poor shape. Making people fearful of accidents and having to deal with more garbage falling out of the truck onto the road.

“The residents that live out in this area have been dealing with this trash and traffic,” Alderman Smith said. “And it’s not fair for the same ones to be inconvenienced for the next 40-50 years.”

“Trucks coming down Greens Crossing Rd. which is a narrow road,” Woodlands Springs homeowner Cynthia McGilberry told the MDEQ board at December’s meeting. “There are no lanes in this road and they will almost run you over.”

Ridgeland Alderman D.I. Smith cites a Mississippi Nonhazardous Solid Waste Management law forbidding the construction of a waste management facility “less than a mile from a subdivision with at least 20 homes”. The same number of households found in the Woodlands neighborhood east of the proposed landfill sight.

“Their argument is there may not have been 20 houses in 2017 when a permit was submitted,” Alderman Smith explained. “But they have updated this permit many times. The date of January 2017 no longer could count.

Other arguments are that waste fumes can lead to cancer and other diseases. When asked about the governors inauguration happening right after the vote will take place, Alderman Smith called it “monkey business”.

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