Burglar Takes Bathroom Break


JACKSON, Miss. – A burglar in south Jackson left his mark inside a family’s bathroom, before he made off with several items.

The family is thankful the man didn’t get away with more, saying they are using surveillance video to help police track down the man behind the burglary.

A mother’s quick trip to drop her daughters off on the first day of school turned into an investigation.

Now that woman says she is working to find out who burglarized her south Jackson home and didn’t flush the toilet.

“I believe he became nervous, I believe he got really nervous and decided to go in the bathroom,” a south Jackson woman told us. “I believe he didn’t want to flush the toilet because he didn’t want to make any sounds.”

This Jackson woman doesn’t want to be shown on camera, but says the cameras inside her home show exactly what happened when she dropped her daughters off Tuesday for the first day of school.

“I was at the school registering my oldest one that’s when I get the phone call from my boyfriend saying that I need to check my cameras, I need to call the police he just caught someone breaking into the house,” the woman said.

The woman’s boyfriend was asleep when the intruder walked around the house collecting items in a backpack.

“PlayStation 4 games, Wii games, jewelry, shirts, kids juices, any little thing…my phone charger,” she said.

Right after the burglar took a bathroom break, he went inside the woman’s bedroom and tried to take her TV shortly after the woman’s boyfriend woke up.

“That’s when they came face to face, when they came face to face and took off running.”

The woman says he was dressed in Jackson state shorts and could be a college student in need.

“What went wrong so early in his life that he’s got to start doing this right away, that was my only concern… the fact that he was so young,” the woman explained.

The woman told WJTV, Jackson police have given her a police report, talked to witnesses, and even taken fingerprints from her home.

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