Business owner forced to pay thousands after person drives away with nozzle connected to vehicle


JACKSON, Miss.–Business owner forced to pay thousands after person drives away with nozzle connected to vehicle

Hundreds of gallons spilled, thousands of dollars lost, After someone drove away from a gas pump with the nozzle in the car. WJTV’S Lucy Dieckhaus explains what this means for the business.

It happened here at the Shakti gas station and right at this pump.

As you could see its business as usual right now but it was a different story last night.

“I don’t think I will stop coming anytime soon because it is really close to my home,” said Ciara Smith.

Ciara Smith drove past the Shakti on Raymond and Robinson road Friday night. The road blocked off and police and firemen at the gas station.

“I saw three police cars and a fire truck, and I thought it was a robbery,” Smith said.

But it wasn’t a robbery.

“I did see someone bending down at one of the gas pumps, so i said it may be something to do with the gas,” said Smith.

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality officials say a car pulled away with the nozzle still inside the car breaking a gasket under the pump.

And more than 200 gallons of gas gushed out.

Even though MDEQ officials secured the scene and everyone was safe, it’s something that smith says makes her nervous about getting gas.

“Kind of, normally i have my kids, when i do get gas sometimes so i think it can be dangerous,” said Smith.

Despite what she saw last night, smith stopped at the Shakti today.

She says it took her longer than normal to get gas.

“It wasn’t pumping at first, so i am not sure if something was actually wrong with the pump or they just didn’t turn it on, but we got everything figured out right now,” said Smith.

The manager says they are going to replace the pump and pay the bill which is going to cost thousands.

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