Businesses in Jackson managing with limited, no water pressure


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Fondren is an area that is used to dealing with water related issues from severe weather, but this time it’s because of electrical problems out of the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant.

The issue has been resolved, but full pressure needs to restored – now there’s still a boil order.

It was a nuisance for Fondren Fitness.

“We noticed the low pressure this morning,” said Terry Sullivan, manager. “We still have running water so we can wash our hands and flush the toilets and sanitize our equipment.”

One street up is where we find Campbell’s Bakery. For places that serve food and drink, it’s more than a nuisance. Campbell’s for a time had no water at all.

Given the nature of a bakery, most of the goods are prepared ahead of time, but there are many uses for water in a restaurant.

“We have to be able to wash dishes,” said owner Mitchell Moore. “Wash hands, with cooking, we have all of these needs for water.”

Moore went on a quest to find water for sale in large quantities, which was difficult.

He said he found out what was going on through other restaurant owners.

“We’ve not gotten any notice from the city directly,” Moore said.

He added he does not think he’ll have to close the business at all while pressure is gradually restored, but he still hopes the city will come up with a plan.

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