Face masks to be required at retail stores in Jackson metro


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Kroger, Walmart, Target, Costco, and Sam’s Club are some of many retailers in the Jackson Metro that are now requiring all customers to wear a mask when inside the stores.

“You can’t take this thing lightly,” Lloyd Ellis told us outside of Kroger.

We’ve all heard of no shirt or shoes, no service. But by next week if you want to go grocery shopping across the Jackson Metro it’s no mask, no service. 

What’s been a simple request from government leaders and health experts has completely altered how we look at going out now. 

“Keep one in the car everywhere I go, I got one in the truck, so I make sure I keep it with me at all times,” Ellis added. “I think that’s what everybody else should do everywhere you go. Wear a mask.”

“Definitely I go more prepared in a store now with a list,” Lamar Jones of Jackson said. “That way I can cut down on the time, but before then I’d just walk in there to see what I need. Now it’s more specific with what I go in there for.”

Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Kroger all say by July 22. they will require anyone who comes in will need a face covering.  

“Hard to social distance because other people don’t respect the marks they have on the floor,” Ellis explained. “They walk right up behind you and you turn around to look at people. Sometimes they move, sometimes they don’t.”

Under guidelines from the department of health and the CDC, the latest research shows masks severely reduce bacteria spread when you cough or sneeze. The quickest way COVID-19 droplets can be inhaled. 

“Not only protect myself but protect other people around me,” Ellis continued. “Because you never know who has it and asymptomatic stuff and every time you walk out the door and come to the store you never know what you’re coming back with.”

A mask ordinance is in effect when you are in the City of Jackson and cannot social distance. And if businesses do not follow that, the city has threatened to close them down for at least 24 hours.


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