Call center rep acts quickly to save a life


Not all heroines wear capes! That applies to a Comcast call center rep right here in Jackson who save a customer’s life…. in Michigan.

Kimberly Williams answers dozens of phone calls a day. But two weeks ago, she got a call from a customer and something down deep in her gut told her something just wasn’t quite right.

“God sent that call to me for a reason and I feel good about it. It’s like a dream, every morning I wake up and it still feels like a dream, I’ve never had anything happen like this.”

The operator says she couldn’t understand the man on the line and she correctly guessed he was having a stroke. From thousands of mile away, she and her supervisor worked to get medical help to the man. And he lived to tell the story.”

When he recovered he contacted Williams by e-mail to thank her for acting on her instincts.

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