Mississippi Lawmakers are taking a shaming approach to keeping drunk divers off the road. There’s a proposal in the works to put second time DUI offenders on front-street, for everyone to see.

“We still have people who are repeat offenders on DUI,” Representative Gary Chism, Mississippi House of Representatives, District 37 said.

Representative  Chism says he’s passionate about a bill to clearly identify repeat drunk driving offenders. The idea behind the proposal is literally to embarrass the driver. Supporters say it points high risk drivers out to authorities, and other people on the road.

“On your second DUI, you already have an interlock device that you have to breathe into in order to crank your automobile,” Representative Chism said. “This tag would be put on there and you have to have it on there for a year. It’s a bright yellow tag with red letters. It’s ugly.”

Representative Chism says it’s a simplistic approach to a complex issue across the country.

“It notifies law enforcement, it notifies your neighbors. Your coworkers even. It lets them know that you have had this twice. You have a drinking problem. You may not know it, but you have one.”

It’s that assumption that has groups like the ACLU fighting back at the idea.

Rep. Kabir Karriem has gone on the record to say the concept is ridiculous and unfair. Representative Chism does not agree.

“It’s not fair to drink and drive and put me, my family, my friends, and Mississippians jeopardy. There are numerous deaths every year from drunk driving. We have got to find a way to stop it,” Chism said.

“The point is, you already had the first offense. That’s not the first time you drank and drive. It’s the first time you got caught!We are going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you learned your lesson that first time, but if you didn’t then this is the second offense.