Candidates for Governor


The Neshoba County Fair speeches are a wrap and the candidates are into the home stretch of campaigning before Tuesday’s primary.

There were alot of barbs thrown and angling for the best positions. And out and out attacks on the opposition.

“For somebody that has been inthe legislature running the Senate for 8 years, they killed the pro-life ‘heartbeat bill’ for seven years by sending it to one of the most liberal committee chairmen every single year,” said state Rep. Robert Foster.

Bill Waller stuck to his message, and his focus… infrastructure.

“There will be some people here that will tell you the special session solved the roads and bridges, the facts say otherwise.”

“I’m not running against bad candidates, I’m running against bad ideas.”

“My message to those who were here today is we gone fix our roads, we’re going to help on education.”

Down ballot candidates even squared off like the Attorney General’s candidates.

“I am running to be the Attorney General for all Mississippians.”

Mark Baker says he’s more qualified.

“You don’t have to speculates as to what I’m telling you what I’m going to do… you can actually see what I have done.”

Lyn Fitch says she has more experience.

“I am the best-qualified individual to serve as the Attorney General.”

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