Canton Academy students and teachers discuss prom plans being cancelled


CANTON, Miss. (WJTV)- Prom is a celebratory event that most juniors and seniors look forward to all while in high school, but with the widespread pandemic still on the rise, schools have had to cancel.

Class of 2021 at Canton Academy are now dealing with the reality that the prom night they imagined since freshmen year is no longer bound to happen.

Courtney Warren, a teacher and prom coordinator, explained that the junior class is responsible for planning prom for the seniors as a send-off gift.

“Juniors are the ones who raise all of the money. They plan the entire thing and they put it on for the seniors as like a gift,” said Warren.

Each year, students are given 30 themes to choose from and whichever one receives the most votes by the juniors, then that is the winning prom theme.

“From the very beginning of school we’re voting and we’re narrowing it down and when we finally get to the top three the juniors will vote on that theme and then at the end once the theme is chosen we do a skit to reveal the theme to the seniors,” said Warren.

This year’s theme was supposed to be “Aloha,” with fun Hawaiian decorations.

Junior Class President Edi Craft said that it’s a sad time for her class, but it’s particularly upsetting for the seniors who don’t get a do-over next year.

“We get to have prom next year but this is their last year, so I feel bad that they have to miss their prom. We really had a great prom planned. That just kinda sucks that all our hard work isn’t getting to be shown,” expressed Craft.

Allie and Abbie Parkinson who are both on the prom committee said that this is upsetting, but it’s understandable.

“We’re kind of upset. It’s always fun to get dressed up with your friends and we love to go to the square and eat, but we know it was the best for the administrative people to cancel it because of everything going on,” they shared.

One tradition that they think they’ll be able to continue is giving the seniors their signature end of year gifts– it’s a personalized leather key chain with their name and graduation year engraved on it along with the pinpoint of the school.

Canton Academy students and staff are considering hosting a back to school bash in the fall with the same theme to compensate, yet it all depends on the status of the coronavirus.

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