Car maintenance tips ahead of cold weather


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Cold weather can be damaging on cars. With temperatures dropping in Mississippi, mechanics are giving tips on how to prevent damage before icy weather arrives.

“Cold wear is hard on all the rubber parts and a battery things, along that nature, if you have any doubts what so ever before its too late,” said Bob Tewes, owner of Car Care Clinic.

Mechanics said if you neglect to get your car checked and damage is too extensive, it could be costly.

“You want to have anti-freeze in your car. If you don’t have antifreeze in your car, it will damage your car for sure,” said Tewes. “Water expands, and it’s powerful enough to bust a block, a steal block in your engine.”

He said that some of the biggest complaints from customers are broken belts or a burst hose. Tewes also recommends to make sure you have plenty of gas in your car in case you have to go out on the roads.

Ultimately, the safest thing you can do is stay home and off the roadways.

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