Cars stolen after burglars cut hole in wall to break into auto shop


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Police are investigating a business burglary on North State Street.

The thieves broke into Putnam’s Automotive Shop late Tuesday night.

When employees arrived at Putnam’s automotive shop Wednesday morning, they could immediately tell something was off.

The owner says the office was a mess and after walking around the garage he discovered two cars were missing but what remained was a large hole on the side of the building.

That’s where the owner says the thieves busted out bricks and were able to get in.

“I’m concerned about my neighbor because it easily could have been me as well and it’s sad for it to happen I’ll put it like that.”

A nearby business owner says he installed flood lights on the side of his building not too long ago but the thieves cut those along with the car shop’s security cameras.

WJTV asked, “Does it seem to you that these guys are getting bolder?”

“Yes they are; I heard about that convenience store the other night. They did the same thing to the bathroom and came through the wall as well.”

He says it’s important for the community to step up and look out for one another.

“Being good neighbors, look out for each other and more police patrol definitely at least a deterrent. At least, definitely neighbors looking after each other there’s property across the street. There is plenty of activity there surprisingly nobody noticed anything.”

But he does have a message for the people responsible for this.

“Pass a drug test, background checks, and get a job.”

Jackson Police are looking for a 2005 gold Chrysler Town and Country minivan as well as a 1999 maroon Mercury Villager van.

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