Celebrating Service: Feeding first responders


Not everyone can be home with their loved ones this holiday. As a first responder, for example, you have to be prepared to answer the call at a moment’s notice. That’s why a group came together to spread acts of kindness and community service.

This 4th of July our local emergency responders were the guests of honor for a celebration that gave them the chance to kick back

It’s a showing of support on this independence day that hopes to set the stage for days to come. Stephen Brandon organized the event. He said it was an honor to see it through and watch the guests of honor enjoy themselves.

Barron Banks is a volunteer Chaplin with the Jackson Police Department.

“I think is great for people to understand that we are partners in this. We are partners in criminal justice, fairness, and rights,” Banks said.

“Some of these people have not seen their families. Even firefighters have not seen their families in two or three days. Some officers are out all day. Their children are looking for their dads, but when people do what they are doing here, it is amazing.”

Organizers said they wanted to send a message that the work of 1st responders is appreciated and that their dedication does not go unnoticed

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