Checkpoints outside of airport checkpoints necessary, security experts say

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Armed British police officers stand guard after Eurostar services were suspended on the Brussels route because of the attacks in Belgium, at St Pancras international railway station in London, Tuesday, March 22, 2016. Authorities in Europe and beyond have tightened security at airports, on subways, at the borders and on city streets after deadly attacks […]

WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) – Terrorists directed by ISIS detonated bombs in Brussels that killed dozens of victims in an airport and metro system, prompting security experts to predict increased security checkpoints at American airports even before fliers go through TSA screenings.

Earlier checkpoints are “absolutely” in the offing, says former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell.

Morell told CBS This Morning’s Anthony Mason that terrorists are now “adjusting to our security protocols,” which necessitates a corresponding shift in U.S. airport security.

MORELL: It’s simply a reflection of [terrorists] adjusting to our security protocols.

MASON: Are we going to have to adjust our security, too? Are we going to have to have checkpoints before you even get in the airport now?

MORELL: Absolutely. We’re going to have to adjust to what they’re doing.

Former director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff echoed Morell’s statements, calling for airport security perimeters to be pushed back.

In the hours following the Belgium attacks, American law enforcement in major cities stepped up security precautions.

In Washington, D.C., authorities have plans “to roll out a major show of police force at Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport, in the Washington area, which will include SWAT, bomb sniffing K9’s, and a general increased police presence, according to an aviation official,” reports CNN.

At D.C.’s Union Station and New York City’s Penn Station, police are reportedly pulling passengers aside and going through their bags before they’re allowed to board trains.

The death toll, police raids and attack details continue to evolve, along with experts’ security recommendations for major travel hubs.Follow Chance Seales on Twitter: @ChanceSeales

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