Christmas displays can interfere with Wi-Fi


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Christmas time is almost here which means it’s time for Christmas carols and Christmas lights.

But did you know … decorations could interfere with your internet connection.

“I love it, every new house, I’m more in love with doing it, it’s really joyful to brighten someone’s home for the holidays.” Wade Wilson, a Professional Christmas Installer, said.

But as you’re putting your Christmas lights up, it could be sending your Wi-Fi signal down.

“You would just see a disconnected internet. Can’t reach the webpage. Your emails might fail. It would just look like you unplugged the modem or you were having an internet outage,” Mike Lenior, the CEO of Matrix Solutions, said.

Lenoir is the CEO of a tech company here in Jackson and says normal Christmas lights shouldn’t interfere with your connection.

However, the displays with hundreds of lights could be a problem.

“Electrical components in the light display because electricity is flowing through them, they’ll emit some signals,” Lenoir said.

It could interfere with the signal If those signals happen to be in the range of your Wi-Fi.

“You can usually get around that by making sure your Christmas lights are plugged into a different socket than your Wi-Fi,” Lenoir said.

If you live next door to a home with a lot of lights, don’t stress, your connection should be just fine.

“Christmas lights put out very little energy. So you would have to get a whole lot of lights wrapped around your home wireless router for it to cause any problems,” Lenoir said.

Another tip for Wi-Fi users is to have as many electronics as you can connect to an actual internet line.

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