City of Byram prepares for possible flash flooding


BYRAM, Miss. (WJTV) – Mayor of Byram Richard White said flash flooding has always been a problem for the city.

“This last time when we had so many houses flood, it was because the Pearl River basin backs up in our city from the big creek area right down the road,” he explained.

There are plenty of areas in the city that are prone to flooding. However, the one that is usually hit the hardest are streets near Gary Road. Candace Stasher, who lives on Meagan Drive, said her home was barely missed by last week’s storms.

“Our house gets most of the debris that’s left when the water goes down,” Stasher said. “The mud and the leaves and all. It kinda just lines the street and makes it look really bad.”

Stasher’s neighbor, Timothy Jernigan, explained how difficult it is to clean up after flooding.

“It’s just a big job,” Jernigan said. “Trying to make sure everything is disinfected, trying to keep the mold and mildew and everything out.”

Mayor White said that he and his administration are working hard to prevent future flooding.

“We’ve made some changes,” White said. “We’ve dug some ditches out. A lot of times that doesn’t always work but in cases like this it made a big difference.”

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