City of Collins votes to legalize Liquor


COLLINS, MS (WJTV) – You will finally be able to walk into a restaurant or bar in Collins, Mississippi and order a Tom Collins; the town legalized liquor sales. 

On Tuesday Collins residents voted to pass a law legalizing the sale of liquor inside the city limits. 

The new law was passed after a number of citizens organized a petition.

“The City of Collins did not introduce [this law],” said Collins Mayor Hope Jones. “It was some of our residents here that went out and got the signatures they needed. Once they got the signatures that they needed they brought them to us and we validated it and the law says we had to do it.”

Mayor Jones says the city will be regulating the sale of liquor to keep things under control. 

“We can make it to be a control factor in what can and cannot be done,” explained Jones. “We can regulate whether it’s sold in like bars or things like…you have to have a meal.”

Mayor Jones says she understands people are still worried about this new liquor law passing, and she says the City of Collins will do whatever it can to assuage those concerns.

“We’re going to be doing what the will of the people is,” said a determined Jones. “We’re going to regulate it as best we can and along with the Department of Revenue, in which establishes all of the rules and regulations that we have to follow. We’re going to make sure our police do the same thing that they’re doing right now, patrolling our areas and to make Collins the safest place it can be.”

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