City of Jackson requesting $40M for infrastructure


Major Road Block: Street impassable for drivers

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- The City of Jackson has put a plan in motion to create a safer commute for drivers. The city is requesting 40-million dollars to go towards much-needed infrastructure projects.

If you look at Teal Street, for example, it is just one example of some of the unusually bad conditions drivers in the city have to deal with. 

The problem started as a pothole, grew into large craters, and now has become completely out of control. Garbage trucks pass through regularly which have only worsened the holes.  Now the road is impassable by any compact car or SUV.

Ward 6 Councilman Aaron Banks says a lot of the roads conditions we see are the result of neglect. 

“We had to get to a place where we prioritize our budgeting to begin to address the basic needs. Those basic needs are to make sure that we have streets that are drivable. To make sure we have clean water and that our people feel safe in our city.”

Councilman Banks says he hears stories from people who are becoming discouraged with the crumbling roads.

“We increased the millage rate and what are the citizens actually getting as far as the basic services? We have a 1% commission and that commission meets regularly. It’s up to the commission to help develop a master plan. However, it’s up to the council to begin to set the appropriation of funds to make sure that the streets are getting paved. It’s also up to the council to make sure that when it comes to our budgeting, we are prioritizing our budget in a way that it suits the citizens.”

The money requested has been approved by the one percent sales tax commission in Jackson. From here the council will have to approve it during its next meeting.

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