Clients unable to reach MDHS to recertify food stamps


HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Not answering the phones, and canceled appointments has food stamp clients fed up with the Hinds County Department of Human Services. Some say, they’ve been trying to get their stamps recertified since last year. 

For nearly two months, Jalesa Rice has been trying to get her food stamps recertified with the Hinds County DHS. She, along with others say you have to call multiple times to even get put on hold, then, it hangs up.

Rice says she’s had appointment dates set, but never received a call from the Hinds County DHS. After her scheduled appointment date, she says she receive a letter telling her she missed her appointment.

Choosing to remain anonymous, a mother of 3 came to the DHS office to try and get a form for emergency food stamps. She says she’s on month number 3 of trying to get recertified. 

One anonymous couple says they’ve been trying since August of 2020 and still haven’t gotten a response back.

“They will deny our case and say they haven’t received our stuff. I have emails, proof of me sending my documents in, and still haven’t gotten a response back.”

We’ve reached out MDHS for a response on this problem and we’re told the reason is the high volume of calls that their staff can’t get to. 

Below is caseload information for the month of January sent from MDHS. Hinds County processed more than 18 thousand cases and disbursed over 8 million dollars in food stamp benefits. 

Also, in the response from MDHS, they say, “clients can leave a voice message along with emailing the local office for help. If urgent, clients can direct message us on social media, and we’ll have someone contact them.”

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