Clinton hosts National Night Out


Neighbors are gathering together across the metro for National Night Out. The goal of the event is to create safer neighborhoods. City leaders in Clinton visited more than 25 locations. It was more than just a good meal and children having fun at Nita Outlaw’s house in The Briar’s neighborhood. Some serious discussions were taking place about safety. “These events like these gives us a chance to meet the neighors that are new to the area to let them know we do exist and let them know we want to keep the neighborhood as prime as we have it currently,” said neighbor Katrina Crisler. Their neighborhood group is adding signs to make their neighborhood more visible. “The northside drive entrance we have our new sign up,” said Crisler. “The fundraisers we have of this nature help be able to purchase these signs. We do a have goals to buy two more signs at our other two entrances.” Crisler says criminal activity in The Briars is minimal. “The next thing we want to do is get stickers for our cars that show, prove you live in the neighborhood,” said Outlaw. They are taking action, saying if everyone keeps an eye on their own street crime will stay down. The mayor says nights like these help people connect. “Once they get to know each other and they feel comfortable with each other, they start watching over each other’s property and houses and everything else and then when that happens that increases the policing effort in town,” said Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher. Ford Hayman, Clinton Police Chief “If we establish this partnership and level of trust tonight and at these neighborhood events they’ll readily call us and we can get on it and help keep them safe,” said Ford Hayman, the Clinton police chief.

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