Clinton Public Works prepares for slippery, wet roadways ahead of Arctic blast


CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Your usual routes to and from home are likely to be frozen over in the coming days pushing city public works departments and MDOT to work around the clock doing what they can to keep the roads safe. Roads and highways must be covered consistently with anti-freeze material.

We can expect transportation anywhere from the Jackson Metro all the way to the northern Delta Counties to be severely affected due to ice, sleet, or even snow over the next 72 hours. Some routes will be more impacted than others.

This weekend the City of Clinton will have three work trucks driving across town dropping this hard clay material to prevent ice from sticking on streets.

“It’s the same thing that Mississippi Department of Transportation uses,” Public Works Director Phillip Lilly told us. “We mix it with rock salt to encourage the ice to melt and not stick on bridges. It seems to be doing pretty good the four or five years we’ve been using it.”

Timing the distribution right will be crucial since days of rain immediately follow single-digit temperatures in this extreme weather pattern where the material can wash away leaving clear roads to freeze.

“If they’re going to have to do 24-hour work then yes they’ll usually be a crew that does you know 2:00 am till 2:00 pm,” MDOT Spokesman Michael Flood said. “Then they’ll be a crew that takes over at 2:00 pm.”

What it looks like by Monday will be the deciding point for educators at the Funtime Pre-School who sit right off the Clinton Parkway Bridge. Where ice can stick more easily.

“The bridges right out here can ice over and become very dangerous we’ve seen that in the past,” Funtime Pre-School Co-Founder Lisa Hollingshead explained. “And one thing that we do have to consider is we pick up children from school. We don’t want to be running those busses and vans.”

The pre-school hasn’t made decisions yet on closing next week but is ready with push alerts. Many of their students are children of essential workers who can’t easily take off because of bad weather.

“We do have a lawn and maintenance crew that’s available to come along a support especially when we need it,” Hollingshead added. “Our goal is to remain open especially so we can serve the families of medical personnel, schools, and our banks or post office workers.”

For a full list of school or road closures and delays click here.

Clinton Public Works Director Phillip Lilly added every community member can do their part by salting and shoveling their driveways and sidewalks keeping neighborhoods clear. But try not to go out unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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