Coastal communities continue clean up after Hurricane Sally


PENSACOLA, Fla. (WJTV) – Communities along the coast like Pensacola are continuing clean up efforts following Hurricane Sally’s landfall.

In Perdido Key, one woman said the wind and rain were so bad, it tore a hole in her roof”

“I got a big old bubble up there its just nothing but water and then all of that up there has fallen. you can see daylight, but the guy just two doors down came by and put something on the roof,” said Sheryl Moore.

Just over the bridge in Perdido Bay, a survivor evacuated in time. Now, he’s left to clean up the mess.

“We get the mud from the canal, it’s all up in here. We’ve got a tree on our stairs in the back, there a doc going parallel to that boat out there the doc from the house to that ones gone,” said Guy Yaste.

Those who weren’t able to evacuate are now just trying to get by.

“It was like I was stuck, we didn’t have anytime. We didn’t have time to fill our cars; we didn’t have time to fill out things. I got to go, these people are behind me,” said Angie Flahgrty.


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